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Fidji® Lumbar Cage

Product Description

The versatile Fidji lumbar interbody fusion system consists of PEEK cages which are applicable for the posterior, anterior, lateral and anterolateral approach. The implants associate novel material characteristics with anatomic shapes and are available in various designs and sizes.


  • Rounded tip for easier insertion
  • Convex shape to better conform to the vertebral endplates
  • Three lordotic options (0, 4°and 8°)
  • Autostatic teeth help prevent backing out of the cage
  • Large bone graft area
  • Optional fin in anterior, anterolateral and lateral versions to help resist migration
  • The Fidji lumbar cages are designed for segments L1 to S1


Uni- or multilevel interbody fusion in case of:

  • degenerative instabilities,
  • post-discectomy syndrome,
  • spondylolisthesis,
  • posttraumatic instabilities,
  • previous spinal surgery.

These and any other indications are subject to the judgment of the surgeon, taking into account the specific clinical, biological, and biomechanical setting of each patient.


Absolute contraindications

Surgery should not be considered if any of the following contraindications are present: acute and chronic infections or major bone defects in the vertebral bodies, bone tumors close to the fixation sites of the implants, probable excessive stresses placed on implant and bone.

Relative contraindications

  • osteoporosis or other bone loss,
  • bone tumors near the implant,
  • poor general health,
  • drug abuse or alcoholism,
  • psychosocial problems or non-compliance of the patient,
  • pregnancy,
  • infections or symptoms/signs of infection.

The surgeon must take these absolute and relative contraindications into account when making his/her decision. This list is by no means complete.