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Fitmore® Hip Stem

Inspired by Individual Anatomy

Optimal reconstruction of offset is a crucial part of today’s Total Hip Arthroplasty. Conventional stems may fail to match individual anatomy.  In most cases offset is linked to stem sizing and as a result, one’s ability to restore natural joint kinematics can be limited.

The Fitmore Hip Stem shape is the result of close observations of individual anatomy in a large patient population in Europe and the USA. In order to provide optimal reconstruction options one important step became obvious during development: offset must be independent from stem size. As a consequence, three different medial stem curvatures were designed.  Given today’s younger and more active patients consideration was also devoted to preservation of muscle insertions and bone in the region of the greater trochanter and compatibility with less-invasive surgical techniques. The curved stem shape meet both requirements and eases implantation.

Primary stability is achieved by the press-fit fixation and by a triple-Tapered design that allows even load distribution. 

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