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Zimmer Grants Office

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Welcome to the Zimmer Europe Middle East Africa Grants Office

Zimmer has a long standing and continued commitment to serving as an industry leading supporter of orthopaedic education. Supporting medical education is instrumental to further develop quality patient care. The Grants Office is set up to administer this support through processes which meet full transparency requirements and are in line with EUCOMED Code of Ethical Business Practice. All funding decisions are made by a Grant Review Committee on the basis of the documentation provided for the bona-fide educational event or program. The Grant Review Committee is comprised on non sales-marketing personnel.

For further information on Zimmer Grants and Donations, please contact

Educational Grants

The Zimmer Grants Office is responsible for reviewing professional medical education grant requests. Organizations with a genuine educational purpose or function may seek an educational grant from Zimmer to support bona fide educational conferences. Requests for educational grants from Zimmer must be made in connection with an independent, educational, scientific, or policymaking conference that promotes scientific knowledge, medical advancement and the delivery of effective health care. In addition, the request for an educational grant must come from the organization itself and not from an individual physician or healthcare professional who is not an employee of the organization. Click here to apply.

Charitable Donations

The Zimmer Grants Office is responsible for reviewing charitable donation requests. National non-profit charitable organizations, i.e. 501(c)(3) entities may seek a charitable donation from Zimmer for purposes such as public education and awareness, independent research efforts and general support of the organization’s charitable mission. Requests for charitable donations from Zimmer must be made in connection with a general fundraising effort by the charitable entity. In addition, the request for a donation must come from the organization itself and not from an individual physician or healthcare professional who is not an employee of the charity. Click here to apply.

Product Donations

Zimmer and AmeriCares Implant Donation Program


Through a partnership with AmeriCares, a leading medical relief organization, Zimmer provides product for the purpose of aiding those affected by disasters, conflicts and chronic poverty.

AmeriCares will donate Zimmer products to U.S. licensed physicians performing surgeries associated with medical relief missions or surgeries in the U.S. at no cost to patients who qualify for charitable assistance based on the standards used by the hospital in which the surgery will take place.


Products to be donated will be pre-approved by AmeriCares, working in conjunction with the physician’s Zimmer sales representative who will bring all approved products and loaner instruments to the operating room for the surgery. Actual sizes of products to be used will be determined in the operating room.


  • For international trips, the donation will only consist of the requested product. AmeriCares cannot take back unused donated product; therefore it is imperative that requested products be templated as closely as possible to the anticipated patients.
  • AmeriCares cannot donate instruments. Contact your local sales representative to discuss potential opportunities to borrow instrumentation.

      While the goal is to support as many relief efforts as possible over the course of a year, AmeriCares will not always be able to fulfill 100 percent of each request that is approved.  Please feel free to discuss your request with AmeriCares before submitting an application.

      To access an application, go to   If you have specific questions, please contact Cia Marion, Manager, Medical Outreach Program, at

Fellowship/Resident Support


Through collaboration with independent third-party administrators, Zimmer provides funding for fellowship and resident programs. These organizations are responsible for receiving funding requests and use objective criteria to award grants to educational institutions or programs. Zimmer does not participate in the selection of the recipients, but can allocate its donations among certain sub-specialties Zimmer wishes to support.

Zimmer is the founding supporter of OMeGA — an independent entity created by the American Orthopaedic Association to provide funding for residency and fellowship programs. For more information on OMeGA, please visit


Zimmer supports neuro spine fellowship education through contributions to the Neurosurgery Research and Education Foundation (NREF) of the American Association of Neurosurgeons (AANS). For more information on NREF, please


Zimmer supports Young Investigator Grants as well through the Orthopaedic Research and Education Foundation (OREF). For more information on OREF, please visit

Note: the Zimmer Grants Office accepts applications from teaching institutions in support of educational efforts such as Grand Rounds and resident and fellow scholarships to CME events. Please click here to learn more.